Side pleated culottes with zipper pockets and wood button closure. 
Our Hakama Style culottes are a result of our desire to converge Eastern and Western design philosophies. Sharp angular pleats from the hip with intricate pin tucking create a striking silhouette and allow for ease of movement.

The design includes a utilitarian element without sacrificing the overall design, which resulted in joining the vertically hanging pleats with a perpendicular RIRI zipper pocket. The harsh change in angle emphasizes the minute detail in construction. The zipper and pleats symbiotically serve each other to create a balanced design.

While the zipper serves as a structural support to uphold the pleats, the pleats allow for the pocket to expand more than typical. This allows for a seamless storage solution as the fullness in the pleats gracefully conceals any item within the pocket.

The closure at the waist features a concave carved mahogany button. The oblong shape gives emphasis to the center balance of the garment while also providing an easy functional closure. Each two-hole button features a unique scent that can be described as nutty, earthy, and resembling that of dark chocolate.

Our 100% boiled wool is knit, dyed, and washed in Japan.

Minimal wrinkles and creases, best folded when packed in a bag. 

100 Japanese Boiled Wool

Model wears size S

Wear with all tops for a varied look. Can be dressed up or down, as these pants flow seamlessly between a casual and formal look.

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