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Our White Cotton Asymmetrical Zip Blazer Is the perfect marriage between casual unstructured tailoring and our relentless desire to pursue beautiful design through unconventional cuts and washes. As such, each seam serves a purpose— a raison d’être. The main seam that defines this piece is our signature wrap pocket seam. Arching from the back neck and wrapping under the arm, this one seam shapes the garment along the body while also cutting into a frontal pocket—one which is perfectly placed for easy access. 

Finished with our signature low-impact reactive dye technique, the natural deconstructed nature of this garment lends itself to accentuating the depth and texture of this unique hand made garment. Composed of natural fibers, this asymmetrical jacket is light, breathable, and can be worn year round. 

Additionally, the Buchanan blazer can be worn a multitude of ways--each representing 2 very distinctly different looks. When worn open and unzipped, the shape and silhouette of the jacket lends itself to being a hybrid between a blazer and moto--a silhouette that both demands attention and confidence. Alternatively, when the jacket is fully zipped, the jacket exudes a militaristic cut that is sharp and defined. 
The entire jacket is composed of all natural cotton that is sourced in raw form from India. After being constructed, each garment is individually dyed and finished responsibly at our facility in Los Angeles.  
Rolled or folded, this jacket travels perfectly and is easy to pack, and due to its natural texture, wrinkles naturally. 
Upper: 100 Cotton 
Lining: 100 Cotton 
Model wears Womens size 2 
Our Buchanan Jackets styles best with one of our object dyed dresses or dress shirts.

Professional Dry Clean Only.

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