S/S 22

S/S 22


Truth is Fragile


Like many things in 2020, this collection was supposed to be cancelled. However, in the wake of the world on lockdown, our backyard on fire, cancel-culture and what felt like the borderlines of a civil war, a fire of rebellion stirred. The rebellion against injustice was sparked as a series of 2020 events chained together and began to form a battleground of mental and emotional fatigue. 

Delicate Noise is a collection reflecting on the varying social tensions, internal struggles, and political polarities faced by humanity--as we struggle to tell our truths and find understanding away from the hatred. In this collection, we wove our desires for change from humanity--a desire that can only come to fruition when we learn to listen and notice the fragile and subtle nuances of each other. As the world struggled in one of the most apocalyptic years in modern history, we were inspired and challenged to create and break through the confines of a tired and worried existence, turning our “what-if” into “what-could-be”. 

The Delicate Noise Collection navigates in a world within and post-pandemic. One where daily living requires additional levels of protection against the elements and diseases. Newly developed Eco-Tech fabric was designed to be as functional as it is sustainable. Updates on classics and new-spins on traditional silhouettes with a reengineered comfort mechanic were tested for versatile performance. Scar stitches, asymmetrical shapes, layered drapes and frayed edges emphasize the delicacies and variances of unique individualism. Transitional pieces were carefully crafted to be as expressive as utilitarian. 

In the near-future, the need for ease and use are heightened, and we must be prepared at all times for the shifting sands. More than ever, now is the time to work cooperatively, support collectively, learn from others, and above all, hear their truths and evolve together. For it will be these fragile truths that will shape the future.


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