VENIA x I Dig Your Sole Man


Committed to 100% sustainable fabrications, 3d printing, and unique textiles like Fish Leather and Military grade organic waterproof cottons—expect to find the extraordinary in the daily. Hidden and angled pockets, non-wrinkle raw silk, low-impact dyes, and water-treated vegetable-dyed leather is only the beginning.

We create Engineered products dedicated to clothing Unique individuals following their own aspirations. Comprised of badasses of different calibers; from design room to clientele-artists to entrepreneurs. Designed on functionality, field tested and reviewed before entering the market -VENIA’s obsession with the story of clothing fuels their desire to remain out of the spotlight and leave the focus only on the products.

Who is VENIA? Who Cares?

Venia is a revolution of new thought evoking and encouraging innovations in daily life-from production value to disruptive execution existing to challenge existing ideals in the industry.

In the new age of designer fashion-we seek to raise value by instilling a new level of quality based off of equality. We are tired of an industry stuck in the past, dated by old rules, and run by ideas of the past. VENIA stands against injustice, against illegal labor practices, against undervaluing the life and love of people. We are building brighter futures for those our craftsmen, our engineers, our team. We believe that the only way great product should be enjoyed is if it is wholly and ethically made. From crop to consumer-without cutting corners.

We inject Grace into fashion: not only in what we make, but in how we make it. VENIA means grace, and together we stand tall against injustice. We are faceless, fearless world changers.

Clean fashion never looked So Good.

Images and words by Alexander Laurent for IDYSM in Los Angeles.

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