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Asymmetrical Draped Tencel Knit Skirt with an engineered pocket. High waisted fit with lining.This dress is our version of the classic party, dance-your-night-off dress. Sexy and Practical, the engineered drape pocket in the Daae Dress is designed for effortless class and adventure. 

The Daae dress is an extension of the study of circles. Known for our Asymmetrical shapes, we pushed boundaries to see if the blending of circles could yield shapes with strong angles. In addition, we added twists and turns to the original concept, building off the continuous shapes that share space with circles.

Wear the dress with confidence-it’s the best accessory.

Tencel is an incredible cellulose fiber, made from wood-pulp, it actually helps add oxygen into the air as it’s being made. This fiber is made in the US, spun right in LA.
Barely wrinkles and travels really well folded or rolled into the suitcase or backpack
100 Tencel Jersey
Model wears size Small
Easy to wear and style from day to night and is the perfect amount of edgy/comfy. Wear with your favorite crop top or your favorite t-shirt. Pairs nicely with blazers as well for a business casual look.

Gentle wash cold, lay flat to dry. Do not bleach.

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