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The PHONOS Shirt is a unisex boxy shirt with adjustable sleeves. Complete with a front pocket, and wide standing collar, PHONOS is a statement top fit for any transition season. Worn well closed or open, the shirt is an oversized fit, thus allowing for multiple styling methods. Sleeves are designed to be wide and boxy as well, but can be pulled tight simply by tugging the straps along the sleeve hem and adjusted to desired length. Fits True to Size.

Materials: Our Eco-tech fabric is Bluesign approved moisture-wicking, UV UPF >50 (blocking out 98% of UV rays) and 4-way stretch. Composed of a nylon blend, this lightweight, easy care fabric is the product of years of research, implemented in a responsibly monitored facility. Read more about Eco-Tech fabric here.


Minimal wrinkles, best rolled when packed in a bag. Simple clean-- wash inside out or in a garment bag.

85 Nylon6
15 Span

Model wears size S

Wear casually with any bottom of your choice when buttoned up, or wear over crop tops and dresses when worn open. Style the sleeves however you feel- long, tight, short, pulled up, etc. 

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