True integration of modern technology is applied in the design and manufacturing of our products as well as throughout our business systems. We innovate strategies through advancements in Virtual Reality technology, 3D Printing, 360 Presentations, and all forms of Digital Media in fashion.



It all starts from Seed. Fibers are the largest component to clothing, and the responsibility to innovate cleaner textiles is our verdict. Textile research into bio-compostable and recycled fabrics with OEKO-TEX or BluSign certifications comprises 100% of our products.


Finishing has always been a difficult aspect of clothing production, but our factories work with us to ensure that water recycling, carbon capture and renewable energy are used to comprise the finishings in our garments. Innovations in water repellency using PFC-Free and DWR innovations help the garments you love last long, perform well, and leave the environment unharmed.


Advances in Technology have increased our capacity to interpret data and convert it into new processes in design. Our blend of cutting-edge technology allows us to design freely, digitally, remotely, safely, and sustainably. From digital patterns to virtual fitting to 3D modeling, we hypothesize and realize a new method of garment design and construction.