SYMBIOSIS: noun. Mutually beneficial association of two different organisms.

SEASON II finds the designers Eni and Nigma of VENIA in the ice. Inspired by the visceral climate changes around the globe, VENIA reflected upon Global Warming and the Melting Glaciers of the Polar Ice Caps.

Sustainability this season is key as the designers innovate, develop, and rethink familiar techniques to support the Slow Fashion Movement. Trims are engineered and 3D printed for everyday use to support minimum wastage.

Fabrications for SEASON II promote water conservation and are designed to be crinkled, worn in and washed less. Exotic fish leather is ethically tanned and treated from recycling leftover skins, creating incredibly durable and beautifully textured leather.

As the globe warms and the ice melts, temperatures fluctuate–bottlenecking species and plunging once plentiful regions into desolate ones. The collection is inspired by Ice itself; calving of the icebergs, the colors of the harsh yet fragile landscape, and the passing of time. Functionality is engineered cleverly into the garments alongside sharp cuts resembling the crown of glacial bodies.

VENIA’s goal this season is to better the world by elevating design and manufacturing through social-responsibility and environmental awareness. By placing equal importance on aesthetics and ethics, the message of SEASON II is a simple one: Symbiosis of Earth and Ice is the hope for our better future and the key to our progress.