An unconventional approach to a traditional trouser silhouette. The 3D Cargo Trouser in Japanese Boiled Wool features a double layer waistband, serving both as structural reinforcement for tailored construction as well as a tunneling chassis for a belt.

Drop crotch for comfort and style, these trousers also feature a frontal 3D Envelope Cargo pocket fastened with a pair of sleek silver RIRI zippers that when unzipped contain an extended gusset for increased storage capabilities. The center front fly zipper features a locking mechanism that when flipped downwards and activated, prevents the zipper from sliding and moving around.

Fashioned from Japanese Boiled Wool, these trousers prioritize luxe comfort. This is due to the breathable nature and antimicrobial properties of boiled wool. The fabric features a slight flex and mechanical stretch in the cross-grain as a result of the intricate knitting of the fabric before the boiling process. The fabric is developed in Japan and is then hand crafted into trousers by master artisans in Los Angeles.

Our boiled wool is knit, dyed, and washed in Japan.

Minimal wrinkles and creases, best folded when packed in a bag. 

100 Japanese Boiled Wool

Model wears size S

The extra long nature of the pant accommodates for multiple heights and allows the wearer to customize their appearance. They can be worn stacked or cuffed, with boots or with derbies.

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