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Classic Button Down Shirt with asymmetrical back yoke detail. Easy, relaxed fit with pleated fabric details. Includes a 3D printed stainless steel tie bar modeled after a twig taken from one of the team’s R & D trips.

Our Omni Pleated Linen Dress Shirt + 3D Twig Tie Bar is the perfect marriage between traditionalist quality and our relentless desire to pursue innovative design through technology. It features geometric 3D pleat imprints created through heat pressing metal molds into the fabric; shaping and molding the linen to a crisp in order to set its shape. The result is a unique mechanical imprint on an organic material. Its unique properties are that it will grow and shape to fit your body over time and while it may lose some of its pleats, the natural degradation, and wabi sabi nature of the garment is intended and reflects our desire to pursue an ever changing organic design process.

The collar is adorned with our custom 3D Printed Twig Tie bar--fashioned from photogrametrically scanning a Tree branch found on one of our many R & D trips. With over 300 photos and several hours of rendering and reconstructing, we re-engineered the branch we had found and been inspired by. From there, we scaled it down to the size of an accessory and manipulated several elements while prioritizing the functional aspects such as the double end hooks that allow the trim to stay connected to the garment.

Multi-way Pleated Linen featuring a 3D Printed Collar Bar Trim. Each Steel Tie Bar is then 3D Printed in stainless steel, tumbled in nickel to increase luster, and then hand finished for tactile smoothness. 
Best folded nicely or rolled gently.
100 Linen 
Model wears size S
Wear it any way - casual, career or for a night out. This classic shirt goes with everything. Use the 3D printed bar for a statement look, pair with a tie or jewelry underneath.

Professional Dry clean only. Do not bleach

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